The peppermint dust has barely cleared from the Holiday Stash and we’re already gearing up for the next Boardwalk love fest:


Same rules as before. Send an ask by January 5 to enter. I’ll send out codes when I have a final tally and you’ll have until February 14 to get ready to shower your Valentine with gifts.

Follow the blog for updates and prepare for some serious speakeasy love!

Holiday Shopping (Meyer/Charlie)

For: mysticjc

Characters: Meyer Lansky, Charlie Luciano

"Credit goes to the wonderful Holly

An icy draft cut through the menswear department at Gimbels. Meyer clenched his fists, growing more embarrassed with each passing second. This was a mistake; he had work to do; what was he doing here, anyway? He had half a mind to march right back out onto 32nd Street and forget all about this crazy scheme.

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